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Sep. 26th, 2009

i can fly

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yeah...im kinda over all that boyfriend/girlfriend drama.

i have better things to worry about!

im pretty pumped about this jellyfish thing at the aquarium. i love jellyfish! im gonna try to take mike- i got a buy one tic get one half off coupon at the book fest today! fun times!

off to read my new zines!

Oct. 29th, 2008

i can fly

high school wont end*

* there are many problems with this whole damn thing. not only did i chose to ignore significant figures because it reminds me of significant others, i also chose to ignore several math rules resulting in an imperfect equation, which if it works out, would probably result in an answer of "undefined" simply due to the nature of the problem. which is exactly what dating, drama, and high school life really is. and it SUCKS. this is also all math oriented because i just took a HUGE trig test today, so i have math on the brain. and im pretty sure i aced it, even though i feel like shit. either i am a genius, or i totally missed everything. heres hopin for the former!

i set out this year with only one goal in mind. NO DRAMA. with this goal came one rule. NO DATING.

before we move forward perhaps the best way to go about this would be to first define DRAMA and DATING. DRAMA, for my current intents and purposes, is defined as minor to major changes/events that cause minor to major distress/stress in dakota' life. this includes, but is not limited to, founding brothers, outside reading, parallel structure, sponsorship, benefits, APUSH debates, APUSH IDs, APUSH in general, dating, friends, people who you thought were your friends, family issues, monetary issues, having a lunch or not, grades, scholarships, colleges, moving out west and the future. DATING, for my current intents and purposes, is the act of getting emotionally involved with somebody else for the purpose of love. this includes, but is not limited to, flirting that can lead to dating, one night stands that can turn into dating, getting set up with other people for dating, and starting relationships for purposes other than friendship. now the connection between dating, being a high schooler (which from now on will be referred to as high school life), and DRAMA are all directly connected. now, how much of DRAMA comes from DATING? how much from high school life? what do you do with that information once you have it? well, heres your answer:

dating + high school life^2 = DRAMA^7636489

and through a magic miracle, i have determined that

dating = DRAMA^3818244.5


high school life = DRAMA^1954.032881

all this means that because dating + high school life^2= DRAMA^7636489, totally eliminating dating from the equation would result in a total of 50% less DRAMA. and, because while high school life is quite challenging, it really isnt that bad. its all the emotional scars from dating that fuck you up, you need to square root the final answer, leaving you with less than 1% of drama in your life. this results in a simple decision. RULE: NO DATING.

and because i broke my rule, this happened:

dakota = (♥/2)

however, i choose to remain optimistic and not let this shit get me doooown. even though it really is. but i dont want anybody to know that! SO, while im not going to hold my breath, if he does realize how much of an awesome person i am and he wants me back ill be here hahah. well. i should take that back. if he decides he wants me back anytime soon, ill be here. i cant guarantee anything about the future. as much as i would love to say i will always be there for him in that way, i really cant say that. it breaks my heart to say that, it really does, but, you know, like him, i cant wait around for a year. i wont wait around for a year. its not that i cant, i know in my heart i totally would, i would wait till the earth popped, but i cant do that to myself. i guess everything cant get too bad. i mean, worst situation, he starts dating other people. and then id only have the rest of this year and then next and then i could get out of this town. best situation: we start again. i dont knowwwwww. what really scares me is that if he asked me out again this very second i would probably say no. i guess thats cause it just hurts real bad atm. maybe once time goes by ill feel differentlly. its weird. i love the guy to death, and i feel like i will for the rest of my life (but maybe thats just down there talking), but i dont want to date him now? not that i dont want to, i just cant. I DONT KNOWWW. FUCK THIS. i hereby declare that i am not allowed to think about this shit ANYMORE!!!!!! PERIOD.

on a lighter note, i have determined exactly how much longer i am legally under the control of my parents, exactly how much time i am legally bound to this state and exactly how many school months i have left.

approx. till im 18: 14.5 months
approx. total until im out of school: 19 months
approx. total months of school left: 17 months

Oct. 28th, 2008

i can fly


i cant figure out whats worse:

A) the fact that he broke up with me
B) the fact that he broke up with me while i was wearing my favorite outfit, from the bra, to the underwear, to the shoes, to the socks, to the pants, to all three shirts and even to the belt.

just kidding. today was beyond ridiculous.

this song never fails to cheer me up. especially while dancing with a nice cold beer in hand :)

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